About Us

We have already told you that we are horse people, and we are. Horses and the Equine industry has been part of our lives for years.

When the Internet took off, we knew we could give horse industry professionals everywhere the leg up they needed to be more successful, so we decided to dive in and figure it all out. We did it so that you do not have to. We are proud of the contribution we are making to connect the industry online.

As a business organization, we are small enough to understand the needs of Mom and Pop companies with a couple employees, yet large enough to help increase the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies.

But, we know that it is not just about size – it is about heart. Well, and saddles, and quarter horses, and the freedom that comes from doing what you want in this great country of ours. We know there is room in the Equine industry for roughneck cowboys, rodeo beauty queens, and all types high end breeders and trainers. We all love horses.

We have horses and we ride almost every day. We enjoy our free time and want to spend that time doing what we love – being with our family and the animals that have become such a central part of our lives.

That’s why we know we have so much in common with you – we figure that enjoying your free time and spending time with your horses and your family is what you like to do, too - or you would not be here, doing the hard work that comes with being in this business.

We still sell horses and equipment offline too, looking the buyer in the eye and sealing our deals with a handshake. It is good business and it an honest living. We feel grateful every day that we are part of it.

Thank you for your contribution to the Equine community and for letting us take part in your success. We hope to be your new Go-to Equine marketing center.