You Choose the Placement

Great! So you’re committed. Now what?

It’s time to pick where you want your banner ad to appear. For this, you have two choices. (1) You can either choose placement on a focused product page or (2) you can select exclusive placement and duration on all the sites we offer banner ads on.

Things to consider when choosing the (1) focused product page option:

Your ad needs to show up in the place where customers would naturally also buy your products. Choose a focused product page that offers a complimentary product to what you do.

For example, someone buying a horse is probably going to need to buy a saddle or need the services of an Equine veterinarian. Or, someone looking to buy a horse ranch will probably need equipment like tractors, stables, fencing, etc. Choose a focused product page that offers products that go hand in hand with what you sell.

Things to consider when choosing the (2) exclusive placement on all our sites:

If what you sell is a universal need, or widely in demand to nearly all horse industry buyers, then exclusive placement in more places could be for you.

You see, the success of your business online starts with the ability to get people to visit your website. If potential clients don’t see you when they are in the “buy mode”, then you lose.

Your targeted banner ads through the Equine Marketing Center put you dead center in front of horse industry people already in “buy mode”. Choosing exclusive placement, with your competitors being shut out of showing up where you are, gives you a special and powerful advantage.