• What is a banner ad?

    A banner ad is a graphic based online advertisement, usually displayed at the top of a webpage. Like a digital billboard, a banner ad puts your name in front of potential customers when they visit a website. When they click on your ad, they are taken to your chosen webpage to learn more about your business and products/services.
  • Is online advertising effective?

    The online advertising industry is a multi-million dollar business. Many businesses, from single owner shops to mega corporations, use it to drive customers to their online stores, websites, and shopping pages. In a word, yes, it is effective.
  • When you say targeted, what do you mean?

    Targeted means that we place your banner ads on sites that are related specifically to the equine industry and that will more likely have the types of customers who would be interested in what you sell. Instead of random, low relevance sites, we choose horse related, high relevance sites.
  • I’m a small Mom & Pop Shop – will banner ads work for me?

    The Internet is the great equalizer. Even smaller shops can benefit, just like the Big Boys, from reaching their potential customers online. Nearly everyone searches online before they buy, and if you are there, they can learn about you. If you’re not, they won’t.
  • Do I need to be an experienced marketer to use your service?

    NO! We make the entire process super simple so you can focus on what we know you care most about – horses and the equine industry.
  • Can I get an exclusive placement?

    Yes, you can. You can select exclusive placement across our network so that you lock out your competitors and keep all the eyeballs for yourself!
  • What will it cost to use your service?

    Prices are determined by several factors – the traffic level of the sites you choose to appear on, how long your campaign is, how often you want to appear, exclusivity (or not), and how much you want to spent. You are in control on the budget you want to spend.
  • How much time will it take to get set up and going?

    About 5 minutes. Yes, we’ve made it that easy. We know you have better things to do than struggle with a complex, hard to understand process.
  • Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to get started?

    No. You are in control of what you want to spend.
  • How long will my ads run?

    You get to decide that, based on your budget. With advertising, it’s usually better to include repetition in your ads, to cut the through the distractions of the online world, but you are in control regardless.
  • What websites do you have in your network?

    We have an entire collection of equine industry related sites. They are all related to horses, the horse industry, and related products and services.
  • Where will my banner ads run?

    Depends on if you choose exclusive placement or rotational placement. You get to decide, but regardless, they will run on targeted equine industry sites.
  • How will I know if my banner ads are being seen?

    You will receive a campaign report, detailing how many visitors saw your ad (called “impressions”, and how many people clicked through your ad.
  • What do you know about the horse business?

    We are horse people and have been for years. We ride nearly every day and live and breathe our passion for horses. We love this industry and love helping out the business owners in it.
  • Do you offer any loyalty pricing?

    Yes. Once you lock in a price, that is the price you will get when you renew your ad. We want you to be happy and we want you to continue advertising with us.
  • Do I have to sell equine products to advertise on your network?

    No, but it’s probably smarter if you do. Since our sites are specifically targeted, if you sell something that is not related to the equine industry, it is much less likely that visitors to those sites will be interested in what you sell.
  • How do I contact someone to help me?

    You can reach us via email through our contact form page and by phone. Let us know if we can help you – we are happy to do so.
  • What if I am not happy with your service?

    Let us know and we will work with you to correct whatever issue you are having. We stand behind what we do and want you to be satisfied.
  • How quickly can I get started?

    You can start right now! We have done everything we can to make this fast, easy, and effective for you, even if you are not a marketing specialist.