You Pick the Schedule

OK, you have picked the location of your targeted banner ad. Now, it is time to schedule how often and for how long your ad appears on your chosen pages. Hundreds of thousands of visitors ready to see your advertisement in front of them are waiting, so let’s go!

How to choose the duration? Here are some things to consider when deciding your campaign length.

Q: Do you want to build brand recognition?

A: You would choose to run a long term rotational banner campaign

Unfortunately, in our world of cell phones, 24/7 news sound bites, Facebook, and short attention spans, once is never enough. Expecting a single banner ad displaying a single day to bring you a sales explosion is basically a pipe dream. You might as well plan to fail. You likely need to use some repetition to cut through the noise and distraction of modern (especially online!) life.

Building a name for yourself can take some time, so you might want to choose regular, consistent messages that gain you exposure and name recognition. It usually takes more than a “one shot” style of advertising so people know you are not a fly by night business. To build name and brand recognition, you would choose a long term rotational banner campaign. It’s affordable and effective.

Q: Do you want to announce a new site or service or even a product?

A: You might choose a splashy shorter term campaign.

Especially for already established brands, choosing a shorter campaign can work. You can offer a limited time deal to encourage customers to take action immediately, or you can announce a new website and drive customers there to see your new online home and perhaps sign up for your newsletter.

Shorter campaigns are also a great way to test market demand while developing new products, to experiment with the wording of your ads, and to get fast feedback on who likes to buy your products and services. By hearing from your customers, you get valuable information about who buys, why they buy, when they buy, and what you can do to sell more.

Whether you pick a longer or shorter campaign duration, either way we got you covered. Our visitors see your banner ad while they are in a buy mindset and you steal them to visit your site from us! Perfect! You win.